• Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

At j-seo, we offer the most effective search engine optimization services in India and beyond. We actively work with our partners & associates for SEO Services in Lebanon, USA, UK, Australia and Singapore. With thousands of keywords in top rankings, leading brands as customers, loads of testimonials from satisfied customers, awards and certifications from industry leading bodies, you can be rest assured we know our SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Services

  1. National SEO – view and compare all plans
  2. Local SEO – view and compare all local SEO plans
  3. Enterprise SEO
  4. Ecommerce SEO
  5. Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  6. Google Recovery Services – Penguin RecoveryPanda RecoveryReconsideration Requests
  7. Off-page SEO - Guest Blog Posting and other advanced link building techniques
  8. Content Marketing

SEO Engagement Models

  1. SEO Plans– if you’re looking for turnkey SEO solutions, we’ve got SEO plans to meet most requirements and budgets.
  2. SEO Consulting – if you already have an in-house team for execution and only need help with strategy and monitoring, we can quote you an hourly rate for SEO consulting.
  3. Dedicated SEO Resources – if you have multiple projects or hundreds of keywords to be ranked, you could hire dedicated SEO resources or even a full SEO team with expertise in On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, content marketing, SEO copywriting etc.
  4. SEO Reseller Services – if you’re looking for White Label SEO, we’ve consistently been rated amongst the top 10 SEO resellers in India and US.
  5. SEO Advisory – if you’re a start-up and need constant help with SEO, you could sign-up Sarvesh Bagla, our CEO, as an SEO Advisor. He’s helped many start-ups grow already! Contact us to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Why Choose j-seo for Search Engine Optimization?

What sets j-seo apart from any other search engine optimization companies in India is the fact that we pay real attention to our clients’ requirements and recommend individual strategies instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach for everyone.

  1. 10 Years in the SEO Industry – for 10 years now, we have been the Market Leaders in SEO in India. With many awards and accolades under the belt we are definitely amongst the top SEO companies in India.
  2. Best Talent in the Industry our phenomenal success has helped us attract and retain the best talent in SEO Industry. Which in turn helps us deliver fantastic results every day.
  3. Fantastic Results – checkout our SEO case studies and testimonials from happy clients.
  4. Proven SEO Process Our SEO Process is constantly evolving as google updates its algorithm. Our internal research and audit team keeps testing on-page SEO techniques and link building tricks to see what works and once we’re sure we incorporate them into our SEO process.
  5. Transparent Account Management and SEO Reporting – you can see what’s been planned, what’s done and what’s still pending by logging into Basecamp, any given time.
  6. Ethical SEO - Our highly-trained team combines just the right methods to propel your website to the top of the search engines results pages. No black hat SEO.
  7. Value Added Services - when you combine our SEO services with ppc and social media & conversion rate optimization services the value proposition is unmatched.
  8. Industry Expertise – in the last 10 years, we’ve gained significant insight into the following industries – Home & BuildingEducation & TrainingAutoEcommerceHealthcare & Travel.

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Search Engine Optimization

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